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Crossbow Pastry Sours Mixed Pack

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Product Details

Passion Fruit Mousse Pastry Sour, is a tart and tropical brew that perfectly balances the flavors of passion fruit and mousse in a refreshing and unique way. The aroma of the beer is dominated by the tangy and tropical scent of passion fruit, with subtle notes of creamy mousse and a hint of sourness in the background. A great brew with a balanced subtle creaminess. It is the perfect sour drink to welcome spring! 5.1% ABV

Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour is a refreshing and tart beer that combines the classic flavors of a key lime pie. The beer's aroma is dominated by the zesty scent of freshly squeezed lime juice, with hints of vanilla and graham cracker crust that adds a bit of sweetness. When you take a sip, the tartness of the lime hits you first, followed by a gentle sweetness that recalls the creamy texture of a key lime pie. It is the perfect low-alcohol drink to welcome spring! 4.6% ABV

It's a Bullseye to the taste buds!

2 cans of each sour are included in the 4 pack

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