The following beers are available on tap and for growler fills Wednesday and Sunday growler fill special - $10

 16oz - $7       12oz - $5     Testers - $2.50

Bush League Pilsner
A crisp, balanced, and highly refreshing European Pilsner.  This beer will give you a new perspective on lagers.  


Alc. 5% // IBUs 32

Flagstick Hazy Pale Ale

This brew is highly aromatic with hints of pineapple and pine on the nose, while notes of grapefruit hit your palate.


Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 40

5 Hundie Hazy IPA

Creamy, medium-bodied  IPA with notes of peach on the nose, followed by suggestions of mango and papaya on the palate.


Alc. 6.5% // IBUs 50

Draw Weight Stout
O.T.'s refreshing take on a classic brew. This full-bodied, dry-oat stout has a slightly bitter roast approach balanced by the creamy malt finish with a  hint of sweetness. 

Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 30

Lockout Black Lager
A gentle roasted malt approach with soft cocoa tones guiding you to a sharp yet pleasant hop bitterness that hints at baking spice. Bold and sweet on the palate, clean and dry on the finish. 

Alc. 5.3% // IBUs 20

One Hundred and Eighty - English Pub Ale​

This traditional English-style pub ale is rose-gold in colour with a noticeable, but not overpowering hop bitterness.


Alc. 4.6% // IBUs 26


Alc. 7.3% // IBUs 35


Row Away - Baltic Porter

This Robust lagered porter is rich in malt sweetness with notes of caramelized plums, raisins, and black current. A touch of smoked barley offers a suggestion of North Atlantic Seabreeze.

Docking port at a smooth 7.3%, Row Away promises to warm the soul in the dark cold winter nights.

Crash Pad - Pale Ale


We got you...Get back up there!! Crash pad is a golden American pale ale with classic pacific northwest hops. A balanced, pleasantly bitter and extremely drinkable ale will get you back up to conquer your rock. Dry-hopped with Cascade, Amarillo and New Zealand Moteuka hops for that refreshing citrus flavour and hints of tropical fruit.  A citrus crusher that will catch you and keep you wanting more.

Trust fall into this beer.


Alc. 5.6% // IBUs 52

Citrus Gose


This take on the Gose style sour is blended with 3 different lively citrus fruits for an extra summery juice explosion. Sour ale with a light salinity, this beer has notes of fresh tangerine with a pleasant bitter grapefruit rind finish. It's like a boozy citrus soda. Perfect on its own or a great mix for your beer cocktails.



Alc.  4.5%

The Barrel Aged Beers and Beertails

are not available for growler fills

5 Hundie Side Car.png

Beertail - $8.50

5 Hundie Side Car 

A mix of pink gin and tropical fruit juice poured over ice, topped with 5 Hundie IPA and 7up.  


Tequilla mixed with lemonade topped with Citrus Gose


London Long Island Iced Tea

A mix of Triple Sec, Lemonade and One hundred and Eighty EPA

2020 Hack Weight.jpg
2020 Barrel Aged Hack Weight - Imperial Stout - $5
We once again aged our Stout in Booker's bourbon barrels which held the 2019 Ape Index Barley Wine to produce a limited run of cans for our 2020 edition. 
We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed following its progress this year. 

Alc. 10% // IBUs 65

2019 Keg Conditioned Ape Index - Barley Wine - $5
Our 2019 Ape Index Barleywine was keg conditioned with honey resulting in a soft mouthfeel. The honey addition expands on the existing notes of classic sticky toffee and dark dried fruit. 

Alc. 11.5% // IBUs 80

2020 Barrel Aged Ape Index - Barley Wine - $5
Once again we aged our Barley wine in Booker's bourbon barrels which held our 2019 Hack Weight Stout.
Alc. 11.5%//IBUs 80

We have partnered up with Tipsy Stix to bring you Premium Vodka freezies made in house. 
2 flavours available - Blue Raspberry and Sour Pink Lemonade.  Alc. 6.8%
$2.75 each